Permanent Makeup



Easily the most popular Permanent Makeup service, thousands of women turn to Permanent Makeup for their eyebrows. Options for the eyebrows vary from delicate hair-strokes, a soft powder fill, or a combination of both techniques. No matter which style you choose, you are sure to live your days with brows that suit you and your lifestyle.

Designer Eyeliner (Top)


Whether you love the soft, smokey appearance of Eyeshadow Eyeliner, or desire crisp and perfect Winged Liner, completely customized permanent makeup allows you to effortlessly enjoy your favorite style. If you love to wear eyeliner, but hate applying it, this procedure is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Lower Eyeliner


Enhance your eyelashes and complete your look with lower eyeliner. This procedure is perfect for those who love wearing eyeliner in their lower lash line, but hate the way it runs and smears.

Eyelash Enhancement


More subtle than eyeliner, permanent lash enhancements are applied in between the eyelashes. This technique produces darker, thicker looking lashes without the hassle of applying products such as mascara or lash serums. Eyelash Enhancements are perfect for those who wish to enhance the eyes, but desire a natural look.

lip Blush


Define, shape, and tint your lips. Choose from a wide variety of shades – from natural to more noticeable, there are many possibilities. Think of this as the ultimate lip stain. Never worry about reapplying lip color throughout the day! Just add gloss, and go! 
*Dark pigmentation in the lips may be a contraindication for permanent lip color. To find out if you are a candidate for Permanent Lip Blush, please schedule a consultation prior to booking your appointment


Minimum $300

If you have undesirable permanent makeup that you wish to have corrected, please schedule a consultation. Because each corrective case is unique, pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis