Permanent Makeup



Easily the most popular Permanent Makeup service, thousands of women turn to Permanent Makeup for their eyebrows. Choose from one of Laura’s signature techniques – soft, yet defined Powder Brows, or super natural Fluffy Brows. Not sure which style suits your needs best? Laura can help suggest the best fit for you!

*Price includes retainer & one touch up appointment

Designer Eyeliner (Top)


Make your eyes really pop with a stunning shaded eyeliner. Choose from a variety of colors, or keep it classic. Designer eyeliner is tailored to your eye shape to bring just as much drama (or not) as you desire. 


*Price includes retainer & one touch up appointment

Mini eyeLiner/lash enhancement


For the one’s who want a fresh, natural feel in their everyday look – this is for you. Mini Liner is a delicate application of color placed inbetween the eyelashes to add just enough definition and shape to the lash line. Mini Liner is a minimalist girl’s dream come true. 

*Price includes retainer & one touch up appointment

Lower eyeLiner


Enhance your eyelashes and complete your look with lower eyeliner. This procedure is perfect for those who love wearing eyeliner in their lower lash line, but hate the way it runs and smears.

*Price includes retainer & one touch up appointment

lip Blush


Lip Blush is THE must-have of permanent makeup. Lip blush softly defines your lips (with no harsh outlines), adds beautiful color, and can reveal natural volume in your lips you didn’t know you had! Lasting about 3 years, it is a great alternative or addition to lip fillers. 

*Price includes retainer & one touch up appointment


Minimum $300

If you have undesirable permanent makeup that you wish to have corrected, please schedule a consultation. Because each corrective case is unique, pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis